550g Ultimate Pick Your Mix Bucket


This is one of our popular mix and mix products.

You get to choose your favorite sweets! Just pop 10 choices into your cart and fill up your back with all the deliciousness.

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(Veg) – Vegan

(V) – Vegetarian

  Product Quantity
Refresher Chews (V)
Parma Violets (V)
Jazzies with white chocolate (V)
Milk chocolate snowies
White mice (V)
Giant strawberries (V)
Vanilla Fudge (V)
Jelly beans (V)
Sour dummies (V)
Sherbet lemons (V)
Flying saucers (VEG)
Blue raspberry whips
Large candy chocolate jazzies
Fizzy and non fizzy cola bottle mix (V)
Love hearts (V)
Fizzy bubblegum bottles mini (V)
Fizzy strawberries (V)
Fizzy Fangs
Fizzy blue babies (VEG)
Haribo red hearts
Tongue Painters ( vegan)
Fizzy watermelon slices
Rhubarb and custard
Giant cola bottles
Fruit Salad
Black Jacks
Mallow poles
Pink Shrimps
Pink Choc Candy Hearts
Friendship rings
Coconut mushrooms
Mini strawberry cables
Fizzy belts
Yellow belly snakes
Milk bottles non dusty
Freaky fish
Twin cherries
Blue bon bons
Pink bon bons
Fizzy tongues (veg)
Haribo turtles
Fizzy red whips
Fried Eggs
Strawberry bottles dusty
Fizzers (V)
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